The ABC of cleaning and preserving Hardwood flooring

In a recent article I wrote about the impending holidays and those who will be wanting to revamp and refurbish their holiday houses for the summer. For those of you who may be owners of one of those beautiful Cape Dutch style homes – or even a modern home for that matter, with a [...]

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Why SPC Vinyl is every holiday home landlord’s choice

Why SPC Vinyl is every holiday home landlord’s first choice Spring has finally arrived and many holiday home owners are unlocking their holiday residences or rentals for the first time in months. Usually there is a lot of cleaning to be done and in many cases refurbishing of all kinds. Those who rent out [...]

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A great rug can enhance any floor – part 1

Many people don’t really think of rugs as enhancing their flooring surface. They are traditionally known as investment items, as in the choice of Persian carpets, which are often hung on the wall, or even more often, placed over damaged floors or old carpets. Well, it’s really all about matching the right rugs to [...]

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